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We are a lively, friendly organisation whose aim is to promote the study and preservation of historic and contemporary dress. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the subject - and whatever the level of your interest and enthusiasm, the Costume Society will have something to offer you.    

Lectures, study days and the annual conference, held in different parts of the UK, give members an opportunity to keep up to date with the most recent scholarship and to visit museums, exhibitions and private collections of dress, fashion and textiles. Occasional overseas tours are also arranged. As well as a six-monthly Newsletter our dress studies journal, Costume, is published in January and June each year. And as a registered charity with educational aims, the Costume Society offers a number of awards and grants to students, researchers and trainee museum curators.

Members may also log in to the membership section of the website to see the newsletter archive and other notices. 

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  • Clover Dress by Charles James (1951)
  • Yves Saint Laurent