Awards and bursaries

The Costume Society has four sources of funding to support its constitutional aim of providing education in dress studies. Our awards and bursaries are aimed at students of the history and theory of dress, costume design and production as well as other related fields. We also make awards to museums and other institutions to cover the costs of conservation of objects. Click on the links on the right for further information.

Please forward enquiries and applications to the Patterns of Fashion Award and Patterns for Performance Award  to

Submit enquiries and applications for the Yarwood Award to

Enquiries about the Museum Placement Award for 2019 should also be directed to

Please see the categories below for more information and contact details of the Elizabeth Hammond Award, Daphne Bullard Award and Kathy Callow Trust.

All other enquiries to

Guidance notes and application forms for conservation awards

Read more about our benefactors in a separate article.

To make things clear we would like to add the following statement to all the Guidelines. The Elizabeth Hammond award guidelines are bullet pointed not a,b,c etc but you will see the relevant comment in the same place as ‘e’ on the other forms. e. Project should be to the continuing public benefit and arrangements for access should be in place. We will not support projects where ‘permanent display’ is used to describe the public access method. We would require an indication of a fixed period of time for which the object(s) are to be displayed. If longer term display is planned then we would require a conservation monitoring plan to indicate how fragile and sensitive objects will be managed

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Please read the guidance notes carefully. Applications may be made at any time.

The Daphne Bullard Award

Kathy Callow Trust

The Elizabeth Hammond Award