The Museum Placement Award

NEWS FLASH! 30 January 2018 Museum Placement Award and Yarwood Award The Costume Society is excited to announce that the amounts awarded for the Museum Placement Award and the Yarwood Award has doubled for 2018! This means, for this year we have two awards of £1000 to present for the Museum Placement Award, and two awards of £500 for the Yarwood Award. These awards are great opportunities for students across the UK to gain hands on experience of working with textiles and dress. We hope you will seriously consider applying for these awards. The closing date for 2018 has already passed. Please make contact if you have any queries about applying for 2019.






Guidelines The purpose of this award is to fund a student volunteer working on a dress-related project in a public museum collection in the United Kingdom. It is intended to support students seeking museum work experience with a dress collection and to help UK museums accomplish projects essential to the care, knowledge and interpretation of collections. The museum project/work experience should include at least one of the following activities: documentation, numbering objects, preparing mannequins, mounting garments for display or photography, improving storage, research in support of collections, developing educational or interpretive programmes. Other appropriate, object-related museum activities will be considered. The placement must be for a minimum of two months, either full or part-time. In each year an award of up to £1000 will be offered to the student volunteer applying jointly with an appropriate museum. For 2018, two awards of £1000 are been offered. Applications should be made by the curator/administrator of a publicly funded UK museum who will supervise the volunteer. Applicant museums must be accredited with the Arts Council England or equivalent for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 1. The volunteer should be a student (minimum 2nd year) or graduate of an appropriate UK university course, such as dress/fashion history, museum studies, fashion design, theatre costume design, history, social history, art history. 2. The curator/administrator shall submit the name of the proposed volunteer and his/her CV and a proposal of not more than 500 words detailing the work the volunteer will be engaged in, its benefits to the museum and to the volunteer. 3. The co-ordinator of the award will receive applications and each year select a sub-committee consisting of three members of the Executive Committee, who are not currently employed by any applicant museums. The sub-committee will review the applications and recommend an award recipient. The award co-ordinator will communicate with applicant museums, receive progress and final reports from the winning volunteer and museum, and arrange payments to the volunteer. 4. The award will be paid to the volunteer in two instalments. The first payment will be made two weeks after the start of the project, upon notification from the supervisor that the work is progressing as planned. The second payment will be made one month later, upon receipt of a progress report from the supervisor. 5. The application deadline is 30 April with the expectation that the work will be carried out sometime during the following summer between June and September. However, the project can be carried out at any time of the year so long as the grant is used within 12 months of being awarded. Notification of the winner will be on 31 May or before. 6. The supervising museum curator/administrator and the volunteer shall each submit a report of between 250 and 500 words when the work is completed and these may be included in the Society’s publications if appropriate. For further information please contact Ben Whyman, Co-ordinator of the Museum Placement Award at Please copy enquiries to The Costume Society Museum Placement Award Application Form Name of museum or collection (must be accredited): Address: Name of supervising curator or manager: Telephone number: E-mail: Name of volunteer: Address: Telephone number: E-mail: Volunteer is/was a student at: Institution: Degree course including start and end dates Department: Address: Project will start: Project will finish: Project is full-time / part-time (delete as necessary) Please submit this form with: 1. A project proposal (up to 250 words) by the supervising curator covering: • the work the volunteer will be engaged in • the benefits to the museum 2. A statement (up to 250 words) from the volunteer covering briefly: • why they want to work with dress collections in museums • how they will benefit particularly from this placement 3. The volunteer’s CV Applications will only be accepted from curators sending proposals by email on behalf of the volunteer. The award is paid directly to the successful volunteer applicant. E-mail to: Deadline for applications: 30 April Notification of the winner will be on 31 May or before.