The Yarwood Research Grant

The Costume Society is commemorating the work of the dress historian and former chairman of the society, Doreen Yarwood (1918-1999), with a grant of up to £500 and a one-year membership. The grant is aimed at helping an MA student engaged in high quality research into the history of dress and/or textiles with expediture relating to the completion of their dissertation. Please note that the grant is not intended to help with the overall cost of the degree but with particular expenses for items such as travel to a library, archive or collection, subsistence while away and archive reproduction fees. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please email us at after reading the following sections.




Applicants have to be enrolled in an MA course at a British institution.

The history of dress and/or textiles has to be central to their research topic.

Deadline and Application Procedure

The deadline has been extended to 30 May 2020.  Please submit your application to putting Yarwood Research Grant Application into the subject header:

1. short CV (not more than one A4 page)

2. summary of your research topic and how the award would contribute to achieve your aims (up to 500 words)

3. outline budget in GB£ sterling (not more than one A4 page) - please be as specific as possible

4. We also need a supporting statement from your course tutor, which should be sent to the same email address by 30 May.

Criteria applied in judging grant applications

1. Originality of subject and rigour of research – we are looking for students tackling new subjects and/or approaching their topic from a new angle, using new sources and/or methodology.

2. The difference the grant would make to the outcome of your research.

3. Viability of the budget.

4. Supporting statement.

What happens after submission?

If you have been successful, you will be informed of our decision by the end of June and a cheque made out in GB£ will be sent to you by the middle of July. Please note that only the successful applicant(s) will be notified. You will receive a one-year membership of the Costume Society for the year of your application.

After handing in your dissertation you will have to submit a short (500 word) summary of how the award has helped you achieve your goal, ideally with one or two images without copyright restrictions. This will feature in the Costume Society newsletter and on the Society’s website.


Award winners

2014 Lorraine Hamilton Smith, MA History and Culture of Fashion, London College of Fashion

From Kestos to Ultrabra: Technological Changes to the Bra in the UK, 1930-1994

2011 Veronica Contreras, MA History of Design and Material Culture, University of Brighton

Packing in fashion: A material culture study of the Louis Vuitton trunk – 1875-1914

  • Butterick Starred Pattern c. Victoria Haddock
  • Harris Tweed label on 1970s trousers at Museum of London