#CSFashionhour, Costume Society  |  February 29, 2016

#CSFashionHour: Sustainable Fashion

In the #CSFashionHour in March the focus will be on sustainable fashion with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. Discussion topics will include:

  • Questioning the discourses of growth and consumption
  • Looking for ways to encourage cultures of care
  • The role fashion can play in amplifying public understanding of climate change
  • A celebration and in depth look at the materiality of fashion

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion is a research centre, exploring how we can live better within ecological limits, moving away from habits that have resulted in environmental degradation and increasing social inequality. The work we do at the centre touches on many issues of ethical, social, political and economic importance while recognising that new challenges require new skills and new approaches to thinking about fashion – its meaning and its matter.

The work at CSF approaches these issues in a variety of ways and works with research, curriculum, government and businesses large and small. A snapshot of some of the key projects in focus for CSF this year include:

The continuation of the five-year Kering partnership led by Professor Dilys Williams. Now in its second year this partnership is an opportunity to engage and change the way we think about and do business, through curriculum and research based on sustainability principles such as holism, empathy and resilience.

The publication of the Craft of Use by Professor Kate Fletcher in the Spring will bring attention to the use of clothes, a much needed look at fashion that moves away from discourses that focus solely on the production and consumption of fashion and shines a light on the more personal and political acts that take place in more private spheres.

Professor Helen Storey’s Dress for our Time utilises the power of fashion to communicate and foster curiosity about issues that matter not only to us today but also to future generations. The Dress, constructed from a decommissioned refugee tent, has recently been displayed in the UN offices in Geneva where is proved a talking point on climate change and the plight of refugees across the world.

In addition to these projects CSF continues to work across the university to embed sustainability into the curriculum, to work with government to inform MPs and Peers about developments and opportunities in the fashion industry and with business (check out the Bright New Things Selfridges windows as an example) to challenge work practices and communication narratives around sustainability. We expect it to be a busy year ahead.

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion (@sustfash) will be hosting #CSFashionHour on Friday 4th March between 1-2pm. Join in on Twitter by using the hashtag, or by following @costume_society. To find out more about CSF’s projects and work please visit our website – an overview of the events we are involved in can be found on our blog.

Anna Fitzpatrick, Centre for Sustainable Fashion

  • Professor Helen Storey's Dress For Our Time