Costume Society Ambassadors, Costume Society, News  |  March 24, 2016

Meet Our New Ambassadors!

We introduced last week some of the new Costume Society Ambassador for 2016. Today, please welcome:

I am a final year student at the Arts University Bournemouth, studying Fashion (Communication and Image), after previously completing a short course in Fashion Promotion at Central Saint Martins. Throughout my degree, I have enjoyed presenting fashion in diverse and equally beautiful ways, through window displays, photography and the written word. I am a hoarder of second hand clothes and love upending charity shops to find a good deal and I co-own a small vintage clothing ecommerce business. My further passions include sustainability and animal welfare within the fashion industry. I am also interested in the cultural connections that group fashion, music and art and how these forms mirror each other. I can’t wait to start sharing my opinions and interests as one of the Costume Society’s Ambassadors for 2016!

Contact : LinkedIn

I studied English at Cambridge and since then have worked within libraries, archives and museums. I was part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Theatre and Performance Department for just over two years, working first as an Archive Assistant and then with the Museum Collections, and this included their fabulous array of costumes and costume designs.
I love thinking and writing about fashion and in 2012 I was shortlisted as a finalist of the Vogue Talent Contest for young writers. I am fascinated by many different aspects of fashion, from the outlandish glamour of haute couture to dress as an ordinary part of people’s material experience throughout history. I’m excited by the range of interests and perspectives within The Costume Society’s memberships and over the next year I hope to learn from as many members as possible, and encourage new members to join us.

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I am thrilled to be selected as one of The Costume Society’s Ambassadors for 2016! My expertise lies in the history of conceptual and experimental fashion, radical design and cutting-edge textile technologies and I also have an academic background in dance, art and cultural history. I am currently the Dance and Performance Art Critic for Blouin Artinfo, as well as an independent curator and writer, and I divide my time between London and Paris. My research interests include the socio-political and socio-anthropological significance of clothing, wearable art, new media fashion and the notion of veiling and revelation - a nudity/clothing aparatus significant not only in everyday cultures but also in the visual and performing arts.

Contact : Twitter / Blouin Artinfo 

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