Out of the Dark and Into the Light?

Saturday, November 5th 2016

Out of the Dark and into the Light? Dress in the Early Modern Period and the Age of Enlightenment, 1400–1800

International Conference of Dress Historians

Saturday, 5 November 2016 The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT

Traditionally, ‘fashion’ has been framed by dress historians as a cultural phenomenon that started at the end of the Dark Ages, and which gained momentum over the course of the Early Modern period and the eighteenth century. However, with progressivist histories, and the term Dark Ages itself, becoming increasingly problematic from a historiographical perspective, we believe it is time for dress history to explore and challenge this model. We welcome papers that deal with alternative readings of sartorial consumption in these periods, whether it be fashionable or not.


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