Study Day: Reconstruction- Theory and Practice - NOW SOLD OUT

Saturday, October 21st 2017

The Costume Society’s Autumn Study Day  - SOLD OUT

Nottingham Trent University, Newton Building, Nottingham


This event will explore reconstruction of historical dress and its practical application in supporting authentic dress with modern application in museums, education and historical re-enactment and theatre.

During the afternoon there will be the opportunity for close-up study and one to one discussion of the historic garments, including a selection of corsets from the world famous Symington Collection, all made available from the archives of the Leicestershire County Council Fashion Collections. The sessions will enable delegates to study and photograph the inner construction of period costume, aspects that cannot be seen when the garments are mounted and on display.

With speakers from various aspects of the re-construction business the day will give an insight into a variety of ways that the study, creation and replication of historic garments can enhance not only the re-construction of extant garments, but the inspiration for new and innovative design.



10.00-10.40 Arrival and Welcome

10.40-11.25 Keynote Speaker Jenny Tiramani: 'TO EDUCATE, TO ENTERTAIN & TO EXPLORE: three ways to use reconstructed historical dress'

11.25              Questions

11.35-12.05 Mandy Barrington: ‘Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body’

12.05-12.35 Rebecca Morrison: ‘The Ingenious Mistress of Dissimulation: Or How to Cut a Gown the Eighteenth Century Way’

12.35              Questions

12.45-2.00 LUNCH

2.00-2.45 Keynote Speaker Janet Wood: “Replica clothing, faithful copy or pastiche?”

2.45    Questions

Split into four groups:
3.00-4.00 Delegates will break into small groups to study and discuss the original garments on display from the Fashion Collections of Leicestershire Museums Service.

  • Detail of a cotton print dress c1790
  • Detail of a man's suit c1775
  • Detail of a Symington corset c1890
  • Detail of a woman's Pelisse c1815
  • Paul Chahidi as Lord Hastings Photo Credit: Simon Annand