Volume 36

Costume Number 36, 2002



Notes on Contributors

pp. v-vi(2)


An Honourable Mention

pp. vii-vii(1)


`The Sign of Some Degree'?: The Financial, Social and Sartorial Significance of Male Headwear at the Courts of Henry VIII and Edward VI

pp. 1-17(17)

Hayward, Maria


Gifts Given and Fees Paid to Garter King of Arms at Installation Ceremonies of the Order of the Garter During the Sixteenth Century

pp. 18-35(18)

Jefferson, Lisa


Timothy Fellows's Roquelaure

pp. 36-44(9)

Chipperfield, Ian


A Bedlam Gown

pp. 45-49(5)

Saunders, Ann Susan


Clothing Provision by the Liverpool Workhouse

pp. 50-55(6)

Brogden, Anne


Embroidered Bodices: An East India Company Connection?

pp. 56-64(9)

Campbell, Myrtle


Yes, They Did Wear Them: Working-Class Women and Corsetry in the Nineteenth Century

pp. 65-74(10)

Summers, Leigh


Norwegian Folk-Dress as Seen by the Artists

pp. 75-85(11)

Noss, Aagot


Cutting the Exotic: A Study of Some Asian Trousers

pp. 86-92(7)

Woolfitt, Penelope


A Tunic From Eastern Anatolia

pp. 93-99(7)

Dawson, Tim


`And at the Plastron Push': The Historical Development of Fencing Kit

pp. 100-111(12)

Malcolm-Davies, Jane


Dressing Dungannon: Clothing and the Clothing Industry in a Provincial Ulster Town, 1893-1909

pp. 112-138(27)

Ballard, Linda


Western Modes and Asian Clothes: Reflections on Borrowing Other People's Dress

pp. 139-157(19)

Wilson, Verity


New and Recent Books

pp. 157-167(11)

Snowden, James; Tarrant, Naomi E. A.



pp. 168-193(26)



pp. 194-198(5)



pp. 199-209(11)

Mary Newton, Stella


Notes and Queries

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The Costume Society: The Doreen Yarwood Award

pp. 215-219(5)


Notes for Contributors

pp. 220-220(1)