Volume 37

Costume, Number 37, 2003



Notes on Contributors

pp. v-vi(2)


Ancient Greek Dress

pp. 1-16(16)

Alden, Maureen


`whythe bendys a-bove hyr harnys': An Investigation into the `Bend' as a Part of Fifteenth-Century Military Clothing

pp. 17-23(7) 

Key, David


Aspects of the Tailoring Trade in the City of London in the Late Sixteenth and Earlier Seventeenth Centuries

pp. 24-32(9)

Sleigh-Johnson, Nigel


Mary Ring: The Clothing of an Early American Settler

pp. 33-40(8)

Poppy, Pat


Samuel Pepys and his Wardrobe

pp. 41-50(10)

Staniland, Kay


Twenty-Three Samples of Silk: Silks worn by Queen Charlotte and the Princesses at Royal Birthday Balls, 1791-1794

pp. 51-65(15) 

Lister, Jenny


An Alderney Wedding 1779

pp. 66-70(5) 

Lenfestey, Gillian


Clothing Provision by Liverpool's Other Poor Law Institution: Kirkdale Industrial Schools

pp. 71-74(4)

Brogden, Anne


Seabirds, Seals and Sailcloth: The Clothing of the Dundonald Castaways

pp. 75-94(20) 

Quérée, Jennifer


Dressmakers' Patterns: The English Commercial Paper Pattern Industry, 1878-1950

pp. 95-113(19) 

Seligman, Kevin L.


New and Recent Books

pp. 114-122(9)

Snowden, James; Tarrant, Naomi E. A.



pp. 123-143(21)



pp. 144-146(3)



pp. 147-150(4)

Helen Swain, Margaret; Joan Rendell, T.; Ginsburg, Cora


Notes and Queries

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The Costume Society : The Doreen Yarwood Award

pp. 152-155(4)


Notes for Contributors

pp. 156-156(1)