Volume 38

Costume, Number 38, 2004



Editor's Note

pp. iv-iv(1)

Saunders, Ann

Notes on Contributors

pp. v-v(1)


An Outfit from the Berlin Carousel of 1750 at Paxton House, Berwickshire

pp. 1-11(11) 

Tarrant, Naomi E. A.


Cicero's New Clothes: Recreating and Investigating Dress and Dress Effects

pp. 12-25(14)

Webster, Elaine; Milne, Fiona


The Clothing of Margaret, Parnell and Millicent Crayforde, 1569 to 1575

pp. 26-40(15) 

Mee, Susan


Runners and Rituals in Early Russia

pp. 41-49(9)

Smith, Robert


Straw — The Blond Goddess: The Adaptation of a Folk Tradition to Fashion

pp. 50-62(13)

Persson, Helen


`Stylish yet perfectly modest': Women's Bathing Dress in England, 1850-1900

pp. 63-71(9)

Murphy, Deirdre


`An Easy Day for a Lady …': The Dress of Early Women Mountaineers

pp. 72-85(14) 

Strasdin, Kate


She and Ski: The Development of Women's Ski Outfits, 1880-1930

pp. 86-99(14) 

Johnston, Lucy


`Anyone for Tennis?': Male Dress and Decorum on the Tennis Courts in Inter-War Britain

pp. 100-105(6)

Horwood, Catherine


Paddy's Market

pp. 106-111(6)

Brogden, Anne


The Fashionable Image: A Celebration of the Harry Matthews Collection of Prints and Pocket Books at the Museum of London

pp. 112-115(4)

Matthews, Harry


Twenty-First Century `Made-to-Measure'

pp. 116-125(10) 

Beazley, Alison


The New Art?

pp. 126-132(7)

McDowell, Colin


New and Recent books

pp. 133-140(8)

Snowden, James; Tarrant, Naomi E. A.



pp. 141-171(31)



pp. 172-177(6)

Hunnisett, Jean; Jackson Jowers, Sidney; Hardy Amies, Sir; Wilton, Joan


Notes and Queries

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The Costume Society : The Doreen Yarwood Award

pp. 180-185(6)


Notes for Contributors

pp. 186-186(1)