Volume 39

Costume, Number 39, 2005



Notes on Contributors

pp. v-vi(2)



pp. vii

Saunders, Ann


The Costume Society: The Early Days

pp. 1-3(3) 

Ginsburg, Madeleine


London Haute Couture in the 1930s

pp. 4-27(24) 

Newton, Stella Mary; Bridgeman, Jane


Clothing Among the Picts

pp. 28-42(15) 

Ritchie, Anna


The Sanders Portrait

pp. 44-52(9)

Tiramani, Jenny


Samuel Pepys and his Wardrobe

pp. 53-63(11) 

Staniland, Kay


Mourning and La Mode at the Court of Louis XVI

pp. 64-78(15)

Chrisman-Campbell, Kimberly


Purchasers from the Parsonage: Observations on Bath Dress and Reactive Shopping by the Penrose Family, 1766-1767

pp. 79-90(12) 

Adams, Suzanne


`After they went I worked': Mrs Larpent and her Needlework, 1790-1800

pp. 91-99(9)

Garry, Mary Anne


Quality Stitch by Stitch: Clothing and Associated Publications Held in the Marks & Spencer Company Archive

pp. 100-112(13) 

Protheroe, Keren


Travelling in Style

pp. 113-116(4) 

Rudge, Ann


Notes and Queries

pp. 116-180(65)


`A Love-Hate Relationship with Couture'


Ayton, Sylvia


New and Recent Books

pp. 128-134(7)

Snowden, James; Tarrant, Naomi E. A.



pp. 135-171(37)



pp. 172-175(4)


The Doreen Yarwood Award

pp. 181-185(5)


Notes for Contributors

pp. 189-189(1)