Volume 30

Costume, Number 30, 1996



Notes on Contributors

pp. iv-iv(1)


Roman and Byzantine Dress in Egypt

pp. 1-15(15)

King, Donald

This is a transcript of a talk given at the Biennial Conference of the Early Textiles Study Group on Early Items of Clothing, at Manchester University in September 1994.


Designing for the York Cycle of Mystery Plays in 1951, 1954 and 1957

pp. 16-36(21)

Lambourne, Norah


Luxury or Magnificence? Dress at the Court of Henry VIII

pp. 37-46(10)

Hayward, Maria


An Innovative Method for Mounting the Sixteenth-Century Doublet and Trunk-Hose Worn by Don Garzia de'Medici

pp. 47-55(9)

Arnold, Janet; Bulgarella, Mary Westerman


Shoes Concealed in Buildings

pp. 56-69(14)

Swann, June

First I shall give the facts about this practice, such as they are: its distribution, the types of buildings involved, dates of the shoes, location within the building, a little about the shoes, and associated finds. Readers may thus draw their own conclusions before finally I give the finders' and my own comments: not being superstitious myself, I found it difficult to accept the existence of these superstitions, which appear to have been ignored by previous writers.

Please note that ‘shoes’ is used as a general term for footwear of all sorts.


A Group of Embroidered Eighteenth-Century Bedgowns

pp. 70-84(15)

Rose, Clare


In Search of Carlyle's Hat

pp. 85-97(13)

Ribeiro, Aileen


Cashmere Carrying Cloaks

pp. 98-105(8)

Ballard, Linda M.


Houses Built of Straw: The Influence of the Hat Trade in the Shaping of Luton

pp. 106-111(6)

Bunker, Stephen


Straw Plaiting and the Straw Hat Industry in Britain

pp. 112-124(13)

Nichols, Marian J.


The Development of the Luton Museum Lace Collection

pp. 125-136(12)

Draper, Jill


New Books and Articles

pp. 137-143(7) Snowden, James; Tarrant, Naomi E. A.


Specialist Booksellers

pp. 144-145(2)

Snowden, James


Book Reviews

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Jean Elizabeth Read (née McGlashan)

pp. 169-174(6)


Notes and Queries

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