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Promoting the study of all aspects of clothing and textiles, the Society aims to encourage access to costume history, including contemporary dress. Our appeal is wide-ranging and object-based. Our members include academics, collectors, curators, designers, re-enactors, students and informed enthusiasts across the world. What we have in common is our wish to provide the best and most varied opportunities to study this fascinating topic.

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About the Society

About the Society

We are a lively, friendly organisation whose aim is to promote the study and preservation of historic and contemporary dress.

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Wednesday, October 22nd: Having trained with Balenciaga, Lanvin and Balmain, Oscar de la Renta became the American couturier of choice for women of the Whitehouse (from Jacqueline Kennedy to Hillary Clinton) and red carpet Hollywood superstars. Part of the old school fashion establishment passes with him. Oscar de la Renta's life and fashion – in pictures www.theguardian.com Fashion designer Oscar De La Renta, who has died aged 82, has been dressing influential models, actors and powerful women since the 1960s. Here are some snapshots of his style

Tuesday, October 21st: If you missed “Birds of Paradise – Plumes & Feathers in Fashion” at MoMu earlier this year, fear not! The exhibition is travelling to the Bowes Museum, opening this Saturday, 25th October. uk.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/1058498/fantastical-feathery-fashion-to-open-at-the-bowes-museum Fantastical Feathery Fashion to Open at The Bowes Museum | Artinfo uk.blouinartinfo.com Feathers inspire the imagination in so many ways: Among other things, their lightness titillates, conveys luxury, signifies feminism, and evokes romance. It’s no wonder plumes have been a favorite emb