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Promoting the study of all aspects of clothing and textiles, the Society aims to encourage access to costume history, including contemporary dress. Our appeal is wide-ranging and object-based. Our members include academics, collectors, curators, designers, re-enactors, students and informed enthusiasts across the world. What we have in common is our wish to provide the best and most varied opportunities to study this fascinating topic.

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About the Society

About the Society

We are a lively, friendly organisation whose aim is to promote the study and preservation of historic and contemporary dress.

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Thursday, September 18th: The National Trust have a great blog about historic costume, specifically about their Berrington Hall Costume Collection: historicalcostume.wordpress.com/ The Hidden Wardrobe historicalcostume.wordpress.com A costume collection explored....

Wednesday, September 17th: With people of colour chronically unrepresented on our LFW catwalks despite the capital's wonderfully diverse population, and designers continuing to profit from design features lifted from, but not credited to, traditional cultures, fashion lovers need to educate themselves on issues surrounding cultural appropriation. Sanaa Hamid and Cultural Appropriation in Fashion - HauteTalk.com www.hautetalk.com Sanaa Hamid's photography documentation on cultural appropriation in fashion is the perfect segue into a discussion on cultural and economic appropriation.