Costume Society Ambassadors

As an Ambassador you play a key role in supporting the Society’s mission and have the opportunity to attend Costume Society events, share your passions, grow your network and create content for our social media platforms.

The Ambassador programme has been created to aid students and early career professionals. Our ambassador alumni are now working across various fields at establishments such as the Historic Royal Palaces. 

We typically have ten ambassadors who have traditionally been UK-based but we are keen to expand our network and vision. 

Ambassadors also have access to our journal Costume, our member's magazine The Thread and complimentary membership. 

For those already experienced in this field, we recommend becoming a member of the Costume Society, joining one of our committees (such as the programming and events committee) and becoming a mentor to our ambassadors. 


You can read about some of our previous ambassadors on our blog

Our 2023 ambassadors are Saurabh Agarwa, Caitlin Allen, Gemma Esvelt, Charlotte Evans, Vidita Gupta, Jonathan Haart, Jayde Hollingworth, Olivia Lane, Francine McMahon and Holly Siddle.

Our 2024 ambassadors including Caitlin Allen, Laurel Esdale, Gemma Esvelt, Charlotte Evans, Vidita Gupta, Francine McMahon, Martha Strachan and Julia Westerman.

Our 2021 ambassadors including Annika Gralke, Wendy Fraser, Connie Slater, Gemma Esvelt, Sarah Morgan, Marella Alves dos Reis, Ella MuirGrace Bentley, Isabella Rosner, Aimee Palmer. 

Our 2020 ambassadors including Abigail King, Aimée Palmer, Chelsey Lewington, Ella Muir, Grace Bentley, Isabella RosnerJoanna Munholland, Marella Alves dos Reis. Rachel Hynes, Sarah Morgan.

Our 2019 ambassadors including Jade Bailey-Dowling, Katy Canales, Kate Clive-Powell, Matilda Embling, Beth Graham, Emma Kelly, Sarahlouise Newman, Eanna Morrison, Casci Ritchie.

Our 2018 ambassadors including Araminta Pain, Francesca Scantlebury, Eanna Morrison Barrs and Jade Bailey-DowlingCasci Ritchie, Emma Kelly and Katy Canales. Beth Graham and Valerie Wilson.

Our 2017 ambassadors including Rachel Sayers, Victoria Haddock and Olivia Gecseg, Ruby Valentine, Hannah VickersGabriella Daris, Araminta Pain

Our 2015 ambassadors including Bethan Bide, Lucie Whitmore and Maddi PulestonOlexandra Solomka, Lauren Martin and Caroline HamiltonEmile Denichaud, Sarah-Mary Geissler, Jamie Robinson and Dr Benjamin Wild.

Our 2014 ambassadors including Nadia SaccardiSophie Pitman and Rebecca MorrisonE-J Scott, Jade Halbert and Kate Lyons.

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