CONFERENCE 2020 CALL FOR PAPERS:  Clothing on Paper 26-28 June 2020

Friday, June 26th –Sunday, June 28th

Friday 26th – Sunday 28th June 2020
The theme of this year’s conference pays tribute to Ann Saunders MBE FSA (1931 -
2019), former Editor of ‘Costume’ and celebrates the huge contribution that she made
to the Society.
The conference will explore all aspects of how paper and clothing are related whether it
be in the context of making and designing, communicating ideas or as sources for
developing a further understanding of the history of clothes.
We are seeking papers which will explore the three sections of the Conference:
Designing and Making, Communicating and Recording and Understanding and Analysing
Designing and Making can include (but is not limited to):
• Clothing Designs
• Paper patterns
• Paper clothes
Communicating and Recording can include (but is not limited to):
• Fashion Illustration and fashion plates
• Advertising
• Photography
• Catalogues and shopping by post
• Magazines and Journalism
• Clothing advice and guidance
• Official information and standards
• Cartoons and satire
Understanding and Analysing can include (but is not limited to):
• Written evidence of clothing – diaries, inventories, wills, descriptions, company
and other archives, literature and criticism
• Dress histories and dress historians
The theme has a natural affinity with the Society’s Patterns of Fashion and Patterns for
Performance Awards – both have flourished from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion
publications which provide an invaluable way in to studying dress and learning how to
create your own patterns. The 2020 awards will be presented, judged and awarded at the
If you are interested in giving an illustrated talk or practical demonstration relating to
any of the three sections, then we would be pleased to hear from you.
Papers, with the exception of those by keynote speakers will be of 30 minutes
We welcome papers from academics, collectors, curators, designers, researchers,
students, and independent scholars.
Those wishing to offer papers should submit an abstract of about 200 words with a
short CV in WORD (no formatting).
Abstracts/proposals and CVs should be sent to
All submissions must be received by Sunday 5th January.
All submissions will be considered by an Advisory Panel made up from the Costume Society
Executive Committee and specialists in the thematic areas
Candidates will be notified by 31st January.
Successful speakers will be asked to provide additional information in advance of the
This will include:
An illustration relating to the talk/demonstration to be used in social media promotion for
the conference.
A synopsis of the talk/demonstration to be used in social media promotion and the
published conference programme.
Please note the Society posts ‘live’ images and commentary on the conference on
social media.
Please contact if you have any queries.
The Society regrets that it is not possible to pay for expenses in the preparation and
presentation of a paper, or for travel to the Conference but a limited number of free ‘day
places’ will be available for the day that the speaker is on the programme

  • Shop poster. Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. Photo: Shelley Tobin
  • Advertisement. Leicester Museums.