Behind the Scenes visit to The Fan Museum, London

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Come and spend an afternoon in this enchanting museum.

Behind the Scenes visit to the Fan Museum, London Thursday 19 March 2020 1.30pm

Come and spend an afternoon at this enchanting museum in a beautiful part of London next March.

We will be treated to a guided tour including a sneak behind the scenes to see some of the most beautiful fans in the museum collection. Afterwards there will be a delicious tea and time to see the museum.

There is a choice of teas: 1. Full Afternoon Tea (sandwiches, scone with clotted cream, jam and cake, tea or coffee) 2. Afternoon Tea (scone with clotted cream, jam and cake tea or coffee) 3. Cream Tea (scone with clotted cream and jam, tea or coffee)

The following ticket prices include the tour/behind the scenes visit and your choice of one of the above teas:

Tour and Full Afternoon Tea £25

Tour and Afternoon Tea £20 Tour and Cream Tea £15

Look out for booking details here and on Eventbrite here.


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