Volume 40

Costume, Number 40, 2006



Notes on Contributors

pp. v-vi(2)



pp. vii-vii(1)

Saunders, Ann; Hayward, Maria


The Fusion of Fabric and Gem: The Costume Society Symposium 2005

pp. 1-7(7)

North, Susan


Nelson Remembered: Reproductions of Historical Naval Uniforms

pp. 8-12(5)

Hart, Avril


Freemen's Gloves and Civic Authority: The Evidence from Post-Reformation Portraiture

pp. 13-20(8)

Tittler, Robert


Provision of Apparel for the Poor in London, 1630-1680

pp. 21-27(7)

Saunders, Ann Susan


Dressing Well in Old Age: The Clothing Accounts of Martha Dodson, 1746-1765

pp. 28-38(11)

Ehrman, Edwina


The de Saumarez Layette

pp. 39-55(17)

Toomer, Heather; Reed, Elspeth


'The Girls in Green': Women's Seaside Dress in England, 1850-1900

pp. 56-66(11)

Murphy, Deirdre


First Knight: Henry Irving, 1838-1905: The Benson Room at the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, 30 June-5 November 2005

pp. 67-71(5)

Cumming, Valerie


Wool: Products and Markets from the Thirteenth to the Twentieth Century

pp. 72-74(3)

Lemire, Beverly


The Fashion Gallery, Snibston Discovery Park, Leicestershire

pp. 75-77(3)

Tregidden, Judy


New and Recent Books

pp. 78-81(4)

Snowden, James


Selective List of Articles from Periodicals Published in 2005

pp. 82-86(5)

Tarrant, Naomi E.A.



pp. 87-87(1)

Marsden, Eleanor L.



pp. 88-116(29)



pp. 117-117(1)

Woolfitt, Penelope


Anne Buck, OBE 14 May 1910-12 May 2005

pp. 118-128(11)

Levitt, Sarah; Halls, Zillah; Bentley, Elizabeth


Joan Edwards, 25 February 1915-27 February 2002

pp. 129-131(3)

Saunders, Ann; Forbes, Heather


Notes and Queries

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Letter from David Miller

pp. 138-140(3)

Miller, David


The Costume Society Awards

pp. 141-155(15)