Volume 31

Costume, Number 31, 1997



Notes on Contributors

pp. iv-iv(1)


Purchases, Gifts and Legacies of Liturgical Vestments from Written Sources, in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

pp. 1-7(7)

Piponnier, Françoise


The Packing and Transportation of the Possessions of Henry VIII, with Particular Reference to the 1547 Inventory

pp. 8-15(8)

Hayward, Maria


`Divers necessaries for his Majesty's use and service': Seamstresses to the Stuart Kings

pp. 16-27(12)

Wardle, Patricia


Queen Caroline of Ansbach: Attitudes to Clothes and Cleanliness, 1727-1737

pp. 28-37(10)

Marschner, Joanna


Nearly New: The Second-hand Clothing Trade in Eighteenth-Century Edinburgh

pp. 38-48(11)

Sanderson, Elizabeth C.


`Inventory of her Grace's Things, 1747' — The Dress Inventory of Mary Churchill, 2nd Duchess of Montagu

pp. 49-67(19)

Llewellyn, Sacha


Fashion and the Growing Importance of the Marchande des Modes in Mid-Eighteenth-Century France

pp. 68-77(10)

Parmal, Pamela A.


Development of the American Commercial Pattern Industry: The First Generation, 1850-1880

pp. 78-91(14)

Emery, Joy Spanabel


British Cotton Couture

pp. 92-99(8)

Jarvis, Anthea M.


Fancy Dress? Costume for Re-enactment

pp. 100-104(5)

Poppy, Pat


Street Style, Subculture and Subversion

pp. 105-110(6)

Evans, Caroline


A List of MA Dissertations

pp. 111-112(2)

Miller, Lesley


New Books and Articles

pp. 113-120(8)

Snowden, James


Book Reviews

pp. 121-137(17)



pp. 138-139(2)


Nancy Sayer (Bradfield), O.B.E., A.R.C.A. (1913-1997)

pp. 140-140(1)


Notes and Queries

pp. 141-142(2)