Volume 33

Costume, Number 33, 1999



Notes on Contributors

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Editor's Note

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An Agreeable Change from Ordinary Medical Diagnosis

pp. 1-11(11)

Jarvis, Anthea

This paper was prepared for and given at the conference ‘Dress in History’ held at Manchester Metropolitan University in July 1997 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Gallery of English Costume at Platt Hall. Its intention was to give the history of the Cunnington Collection and its acquisition by Manchester City Art Galleries, which was the catalyst for the establishment of the Gallery, rather than to be a re-evaluation, in the light of present-day scholarship, of the Cunningtons' collecting and writing.


The Real Thing: The Study of Original Garments in Britain since 1947

pp. 12-22(11)

Tarrant, Naomi E. A.

This is a revised version of the paper given in July 1997 at the Fiftieth Anniversary Conference for the opening of the Gallery of English Costume at Platt Hal, Manchester, in 1947. It is dedicated to the Gallery's first Keeper, Anne M. Buck, in anticipation of her ninetieth birthday.


`In the hands of work women': English Markets, Cheap Clothing and Female labour, 1650-1800

pp. 23-35(13)

Lemire, Beverly


Images of Dress in the Golden Age of Dutch Painting

pp. 36-45(10)

Hoekstra, Rozemarijn


Reconstructing the Second-Hand Clothes Trade in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Venice

pp. 46-56(11)

Allerston, Patricia


Calico Catalogues: Nineteenth-Century Printed Dress Fabrics from Pattern Books

pp. 57-67(11)

Sykas, Philip


The Beguilement of Zeus — In All the Better Shops

pp. 68-73(6)

Alden, Maureen


Rural Costume in Elizabethan Essex: A Study Based on the Evidence from Wills

pp. 74-88(15)

Huggett, Jane E.


Jonet Gothskirk and the `Gown of Repentance'

pp. 89-94(6)

Johnston, Flora


Cut and Construction of a late Eighteenth-Century Coat

pp. 95-97(3)

Wilcox, David


Mr Lock, Hatter to Admiral Lord Nelson

pp. 98-104(7)

Cliff, Kenneth


The Queen's Jester, A Nineteenth-Century Entertainer

pp. 105-109(5)

Astle Wallis, Hugh Stanley


A Letter from Ellen Terry

pp. 110-115(6)

Hardie, Ann


Paulise de Bush, The Story of a Collection

pp. 116-122(7)

Tobin, Shelley


Fans. A Selective Bibliography

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Williams, Lorraine; Alexander, Hélène


New Books and Articles

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Snowden, James; Tarrant, Naomi E. A.


Book Reviews

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