Volume 34

Costume, Number 34, 2000



Notes on Contributors

pp. iv-iv(1)


Editor's Note

pp. vii-vii(1)



pp. 1-1(1)

Trump, Margaret


Janet Arnold: An Appreciation

pp. 2-2(1)

Strong, Sir Roy


Janet Arnold: List of Publications

pp. 3-6(4)

Arnold, Janet


Serpents and Flowers: Embroidery Designs from Thomas Trevelyon's Miscellanies of 1608 and 1616

pp. 7-12(6)

Arnold, Janet


References to Dress in the Earliest Account Book of Bess of Hardwick

pp. 13-24(12) 

Levey, Santina M.


Clothing and Textiles in Bedfordshire Inventories, 1617-1620

pp. 25-38(14)

Buck, Anne


A Fatal Fertility? Elizabethan and Jacobean Pregnancy Portraits

pp. 39-43(5)

Hearn, Karen


Mary II: Her Clothes and Textiles

pp. 44-50(7)

Marschner, Joanna


Variations on `Plainness': Quaker Dress in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia

pp. 51-63(13)

Kraak, Deborah E.


The `Waterloo Ball' Dresses at the Museum of Costume, Bath

pp. 64-69(6) 

Byrde, Penelope; Saunders, Ann


Princess Charlotte's Wedding Dress

pp. 70-80(11)

Staniland, Kay


E. W. Godwin and the House of Liberty

pp. 81-99(19)

Squire, Geoffrey


Myrbor and Other Mysteries: Questions of Art, Authorship and Émigrées

pp. 100-104(5

Coleman, Elizabeth Ann


Mrs Exeter — the Rise and Fall of the Older Woman

pp. 105-112(8)

Halls, Zillah


Conversation at Castle Howard: Miss Annie Wilkinson interviewed by Miss Cecile Hummel during the Costume Society's visit to Castle Howard on 7 September 1968

pp. 113-117(5)

Arnold, Janet


Janet Arnold and the Globe Wardrobe: Handmade Clothes for Shakespeare's Actors

pp. 118-122(5) 

Tiramani, Jenny


Mode and Movement

pp. 123-128(6)

Marshall-Ward, Jackie


The Tailoring Archive at London College of Fashion

pp. 129-134(6)

Odlevak, Janine


Book Reviews

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Notes and Queries

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Notes for Contributors

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