Volume 35

Costume, Number 35, 2001



Notes on Contributors

pp. iv-iv(1)


Mary Edwards's Taste and High Life

pp. 1-13(13)

Chrisman, Kimberly


`The New Dresses': A Look at How Mantuamaking Became Established in Scotland

pp. 14-23(10)

Sanderson, Elizabeth


The Tailor's Shop at the Pantheon Opera, 1790-1792

pp. 24-46(23)

Milhous, Judith; Hume, R. T. C.


Walking Amazons: The Development of the Riding Habit in England during the Eighteenth Century

pp. 47-58(12)

Blackman, Cally


Mr Lock, Hatter to the Ladies, 1783-1805

pp. 59-66(8)

Cliff, Kenneth


The Wedding Dress of Adelaide (née Tomlinson) Moran in its Social and Cultural Context

pp. 67-75(9)

Ballard, Linda


`Like a Glow-worm who had lost its Glow': The Invention of the Incandescent Electric Lamp and the Development of Artificial Silk and Electric Jewellery

pp. 76-81(6)

Dillon, Maureen


The Uniform of the Boys of Christ's Hospital

pp. 82-91(10)

Howard, Rosie


The Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers: Its Impact on Post-War British Fashion

pp. 92-115(24)

Waddell, Gavin


New Books

pp. 116-120(5)

Snowden, James; Tarran, Naomi E. A.



pp. 126-149(24)



pp. 150-151(2)


Pegaret Anthony 1915-2000

pp. 152-156(5)


Notes and Queries

pp. 157-161(5)