Patterns for Performance Award Winners 2021

The finalists were announced during an exclusive event as the finale of our conference. Esteemed costume designer Michele Clapton judged our awards.

Congratulations Samantha Hobart for winning the Patterns for Performance 2021 Award. Samantha designed a rose drape dress from the banquet scene.

Runner Up Nia Kanellaki designed a dress for Aphrodite. Aphrodite is dressed to embody her enchanting omnipotence and mesmerising beauty. An exposed clam pannier from which Aphrodite’s torso is rising out of, symbolises the story of her birth, whilst her enticing desirability is evoked through her bare legs below. The subtle tones of the silks echo Aphrodite’s ethereal beauty, also reflected in the feathers that signify her connection to the swans who escorted her to Adonis.

Runner up Anna Lienbacher designed a c1610-1620 loose gown.

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