Griffé: The new journal exploring the hidden histories of fashion labels

22 May 2022, by Salomé Dudemaine

Fashion historian Salomé Dudemaine introduces Griffé, a new journal she has co-founded with vintage expert Julien Sanders exploring the multiple journeys of fashion labels.

Fashion historian Salomé Dudemaine and vintage expert Julien Sanders united to create Griffé, the journal that explores all the stories that can be discovered by taking the fashion labels as a starting point.

Griffé is a bilingual, 124 illustrated-page journal in French and in English divided into two parts. The various labels hidden in the lining of our clothes are the most reliable witnesses to the eventful life of a fashion house. For many vintage and fashion archive professionals, labels can help authenticate and date a garment.

Griffé offers a valuable tool to all professionals, chronologies of the labels of the greatest fashion brands. Furthermore, as many undiscovered fashion stories hide between the few lines of a label, revealing secrets of design, manufacturing, distribution or collaboration, Griffé invited historians, journalists, vintage experts and other fashion enthusiasts to conduct in-depth investigations about the fashion industry taking the label as a starting point. 

The first issue is mainly dedicated to Maison Margiela for which you will find an unpublished history written in collaboration with the house archives and testimonies of former collaborators, a chronology of the brand's labels, an in-depth investigation in Italy, to the source of Maison Margiela's apparel production during the 90's and a fiction written from the point a view of a Margiela's garment and based on the testimony of one of the house first clients. 

Griffé is available to pre-order until May 23rd.

To know more about the project you can visit the Instagram accounts of Julien and Salomé, the two co-founders of Griffé

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